'True Blood' Cookbook Trailer Promises a Heapin' Helpin' of Southern-Fried Sexy (VIDEO)

true blood eats coverWaiting sucks, indeed!! Remember way back in the spring when we told you about True Blood: Eats, Drinks, and Bites from Bon Temps? Well, guess what?! It's ALMOST HERE! The cookbook we've all been waiting for will hit the shelves on Wednesday, August 22, and if the just-released trailer is any indication? Well, we can all count on putting on a good 20 pounds of southern-fried YUM in the very near future.

Hmm. Guess all those vamps would end up looking like Hoyt's mama someday if they actually ate food!


And hey! Turns out we have series creator Alan Ball to thank for this collection of authentic recipes (or his Mama, more accurately). As you'll learn when you watch the trailer, Ball grew up in Georgia on a steady diet of "fried food, stuff that was stewed within an inch of its life, everything was full of salt ... and it was delicious."

Barring the occasional misfire, that is. Bananas with Miracle Whip and Kraft American cheese?

"That one ... not so good," says Ball.

Still. Can't wait to try these recipes out! If only Lafayette could whip 'em all up for me. Mmm-mm!

Is your mouth watering for the new True Blood cookbook?

Image via Chronicle Books

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