Is Anderson Cooper Rebounding With Andy Cohen? (PHOTOS)

andycohenRemember how Anderson Cooper's boyfriend Ben Maisani was caught giving another man a big open-mouthed smooch at a public park? Jaws dropped. Was Ben cheating on Anderson? How dare he! Unless this is just a gay thing? Is it? What is happening?!? Well, Anderson has finally responded to the cheating rumors and his message is loud and clear: Chill bitchez, I'm just fine!

Apparently Anderson is on vacation in Croatia with Andy Cohen, a longtime friend ... and maybe rebound buddy. The two were tweeting matching photos of a romantic Croatian sunset. "Look who just took the same Instagram pic as me @bravoandy," says Anderson. Aww, you two! Andy and Andy 4Eva.

Um, but what's Kelly Ripa doing there, too? Let's see those pictures!


Here's Andy Cohen's photo:

andy cohen croatia sunset

And here's Anderson's photo.

anderson sunset

In case you're not familiar with Andy Cohen, he's an exec at Bravo and the host of Watch What Happens Live. He is also widely considered A Very Handsome Man. He and Anderson look great together. You should see Anderson's photo of Andy ... wait a minute! Did he delete it? Huffington Post posted an Instagram photo of Andy at this same sunset in a slideshow, but if you check out Anderson's Twitter stream, the photo is no longer there. Harrumph.

Instead, we now have this photo of Anderson with Kelly Ripa. Huh -- so is this a platonic trip with friends? (Because you KNOW they're not doing a threesome with Kelly.) Whatever. It's Anderson's story to tell.

anderson kelly ripa

As for the "cheating" boyfriend -- who knows what's going on there. On one hand, you have a whole crew of people saying, "Pleez, it's a gay thing, when are you straight people going to learn that we don't all live by heteronormative standards of exclusivity!" And on the other hand, you have another crew of people saying, "How can you generalize like that? Gay men are not all like that!" For us straight folks it's like watching a ping pong match with really well-designed uniforms. Maybe they'd already broken up! I guess the important thing is that Anderson is happy and having a wonderful time in Croatia. We can all go back to work now and stop worrying about him. (What, that was just me?)

Where would you go if you for a post-breakup vacation if you could go anywhere in the world?


Images via Bravo, @AndyCohen, @AndersonCooper, @AndersonCooper

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