Emily Maynard Is Nuts to Defend ‘Bachelor Pad’ Villain Chris Bukowski

emily maynardThe Bachelor Pad is what all reality shows should be. It's like the Real World/Road Rules Challenge without the pretense of competition. It's like The Bachelor without the pretense of love. I mean, any show that makes its contestants take a survey with questions like, "Who is the fattest in the house" knows how to entertain an audience.

This season it's clear that the freaky blue-eyed Sam the Eagle, Chris Bukowski, is the villain. He made it to the final four on Emily Maynard's season and now he's wheeling and dealing to win the Bachelor Pad prize. He's smarmy and he's pretty unlikable. But that's not stopping Ms. Maynard from defending him on Twitter. She wrote:


For all of you watching Bachelor Pad, take it easy on @chrisjbukowski! I haven’t seen it yet, but I promise he’s a sweet guy!

First of all, of course Emily's going to say he's sweet -- she thinks everyone is sweet. Sweet is her favorite word. If I had more time on my hands, I'd clip together a video of her saying that word 1,200 times over two seasons.

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I just don't know what her point is in tweeting that. Chris is gross! He went on the trashiest reality show there is (which isn't to say it's not worth watching, it is, it really is) and has proceeded to make himself look like a total butt-hole. It's wonderfully entertaining to watch him become some Malibu mansion evil-doer, but just because I like to see him on m'TV doesn't mean he's a nice guy.

Emily's crazy. Maybe she's just trying to defend her choice of going on a home date with him, or maybe he threatened to steal her soul just by staring at her heart with his eyes of ice, perhaps there was talk of boring her to tears with his monotone voice, who knows. Chris is not sweet. He's ... OK ... at best.

Also, one more thing. Don't you love how all the people on Bachelor Pad say they're only in it for the money, and the money is why they're there, and oh, the money, the money, the money. Come on. It's $250,000 split two ways, then after Uncle Sam takes a chunk, you're looking at $80,000 tops. It would take a whole lot more than $80K to get me to hook up on TV, do an obstacle course in a bikini, and cry drunk tears about a man I just met. I'd take no less than $85K. Standards, people.

What do you think of Emily's defense of Chris?


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