'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Ramona Puts the French Press on LuAnn's Man

LuAnn de LessepsWhat a bizarre episode of The Real Housewives of New York that was. From sexual iguanas (wtf?) to Sonja Morgan's tampon problem, it was all just a random mix of insanity and rabid confrontations tonight. The kicker to all the crazy was Ramona Singer accusing Jacques of being a fake Frenchmen, which was one of the funniest/strangest things we've seen this season. 

He seems a little too slick, and that move he pulled with the wine was shady. You also have to question the integrity and taste of anyone who would choose to be with LuAnn de Lesseps. However, to think that he's faking his Frenchness is hilariously outrageous -- even for Ramona. Hopefully that was the pinot grigio talking and she doesn't really believe it could be true ... though what a great plot line it would be if he really was from Kentucky or something.


Not that the New York ladies are short on drama these days. After Sonja's big toaster oven shoot to which she was not invited, Ramona was livid. At a party to launch her new red wine, she wanted all of the details and pounced when Sonja admitted that Heather Thomson had steamrolled her into not having Ramona present for it. That was all Ramona needed to attack Heather, and basically throw Sonja under the steamroller. (I didn't say it was interesting drama.)

I'm no fan of Heather's but Ramona expecting her to call her to tell her why she wasn't invited was ridiculous. It was Sonja's place if it was anyone's, and Sonja really does need to grow a spine and stop telling everyone what they want to hear.  Ramona called Heather a liar and a double talker, and it was on to the next party and the next blow-up . 

After Mario confronted Jacques about “The Sneaky Wine Incident” (as it shall be known from now on) last week, I thought they had moved past it, agreeing to disagree as to whether it was a rude, potentially damaging trick to play on Ramona. (It so was!) Well, it seems everyone was ready to move on but Aviva Drescher, who it concerned for absolutely no reason. Still, the minute LuAnn walked in the door, she pounced, demanding to know what her intention was with that whole thing.

It was so out of left field and so inappropriate, but as I've said before, she's a troublemaker and enjoys stirring the pot -- which is exactly what she did.

LuAnn was over it and tried to drag Jacques out of there, but not before Ramona could hear his voice. When they left, she blurted out her misgivings about the authenticity of his accent with Aviva egging her on.

Sneaky Heather was around the corner and heard the whole thing. She stepped forward to defend Jacques's honor, told Mario that his wife was insane (holla!), and another battle began. Meanwhile Carole Radziwill wondered why anyone even cared and perhaps what she was going to do with all of those M&Ms. 

Next week, they're off to St. Barth's. With them all getting along this well, it's going to be a trip to remember for sure.

Do you think Jacques could be faking his accent? Which lady was the most out of line tonight?


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