'16 & Pregnant' Star Ashley Salazar Reveals the Secret to Her Post-Baby Weight Loss (PHOTO)

Ashley Salazar '16 & Pregnant'When it comes to dropping the baby weight, surprise surprise: there's no magic trick. Yeah, Weight Watchers may be the go-to for Jessica Simpson and Beyonce may have tried the "Master Cleanse." How about this: 16 and Pregnant star Ashley Salazar has a different little trick of her own for shedding postpartum pounds, and that trick involves Jillian Michaels.

The size 2 momma tweeted about her recent weight loss, saying that the Jillian Michaels -- 30 Day Shred totally worked for her. The only thing, though, is that she followed that up by saying lately she's been slacking on her weight loss game and that she doesn't "look like this" anymore.

It's cool that the Jillian Michaels program helped Ash lose a bulk of her baby weight, yeah. If following a program that strict is just gonna make her relapse, though, is it worth it? 

Some may say yes; I'm not so sure.


Yo-yo dieting takes a huge toll on you, both mentally and physically. Jillian Michaels' program is definitely NOT easy. However, that's why it works. Not too long ago one of the girls at the office tried one of Jillian's programs, and said it had little to no wiggle room. For a teenager and MTVlebrity, a program with minimal flexibility can't be an easy something to keep up with on the day-to-day.

In my mind, Ashley needs to find some sort of program that she can maintain. You know, one that allows her to live her life instead of putting things on hold. Whether that's eating smaller meals more frequently or incorporating a different sort of cardio routine into her days -- the sooner she falls into a groove that matches her lifestyle, the better. I'm sure we'll stop seeing the gloomy tweets, then.

How did you lose the baby weight?


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