'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Needs to Put Down '50 Shades of Grey' & Pay Attention to Kyle

Maci Bookout Kyle KingThe Fifty Shades of Grey craze has been getting a lot of credit for recharging the sex lives of American couples. But Teen Mom star Kyle King has a decidedly different take on E.L. James' trilogy. The boyfriend of popular reality star Maci Bookout says the erotic novels, and particularly main character Christian Grey, have "mentally stolen his woman."

Aww! Poor Kyle! He just finally got his girlfriend back after a long break-up, and now he has to compete with a guy who doesn't even exist. Welcome to the club, my friend!


It sounds like Maci has fallen into the "Idolizing Christian Grey" trap. Hey, it happens. I get it. I'd love a man who enjoyed fine wine and bought me expensive cars too. Although I could do without the controlling nature and the incessant need to spank, but anyhoo ... Maci isn't the first, and she won't be the last. 

But ladies, can I have a word with you? It's all well and good to read Fifty Shades of Grey and decide you want to get a little more adventuresome in the bedroom. I'm never going to say better sex is a bad thing. And if it pushes him to be a little more chivalrous, well, we can always use a little more chivalry in this world.

But don't let these books make you forget the good you've already got going on.

Christian Grey, as sexy as he sounds, does not exist. He's a figment of E.L. James' imagination. There may be a few qualities of this character that we would like to find in a man, but most of us are not going to be dating a mega-millionaire sex god any time soon. But there are plenty of other fish in the sea folks.

Just look at Kyle.

From what we can see on TV, Maci has a pretty darn great guy. He's kind to her. He is fantastic with her kid. He lavishes her with gifts on her birthday (because only douchebags forget your birthday, you know what I mean?). And even better: he actually breathes real air and eats real food! He's a real live boy!

I know I'd take Kyle King over Christian Grey any day of the week. How about you?

Have you or anyone you know gotten caught up in fantasizing about Christian Grey like he's a real guy?


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