A Real-Life Scully/Mulder Relationship Is an 'X-Files' Dream Come True

It's been many years since my Sunday evenings used to revolve around watching The X-Files, and I'd nearly forgotten how much I used to like that show. Until, that is, the rumors hit the web that Gillian Anderson is currently in a serious relationship with David Duchovny -- so serious, according to at least one source, that they're living together. As soon as I saw the headline, I immediately thought of that poster in Mulder's office.

You know the one. It says in huge letters, I WANT TO BELIEVE.


And I do. I do want to believe. I don't know why, it's not like I know these actors or have any sort of opinion on whether or not they'd actually make a good couple, but I can't help it, I want it to be true! Because if it is, it's like a piece of delicious fan fiction came to life, and if we're living in a world where fan fiction is actually happening, well, I don't know about you, but I'm eagerly awaiting the news that Jude Law has hooked up with Robert Downey, Jr.

(What? You don't have a secret stash of NC-17 Sherlock fanfic? Oh, uhhh ... me neither. I just read some people were into that. Gross people, probably.)

Anyway, this whole Anderson/Duchovny thing is definitely relegated to rumor territory at the moment, since 1) it's being reported via the gossip site Celeb Dirty Laundry, and 2) Duchovny's rep has flat-out denied the relationship. Still, it sounds feasible. I mean, they had some seriously smoking-hot chemistry back in the day, and they just look so darn attractive together and all.

Stoking the fire are Anderson's cagey comments about her love life in a recent interview with the UK Sunday Times Magazine:

I ask if she has a partner at the moment. Her answer is peculiar. “Um ... yes ... umm ... umm ...” There is a long pause. “Say yes,” she stutters finally.

Is this one we know about, I say, the father of the two youngest children, or a new one? “Umm, no, no ... why do you ask me?” she counters.

Hmmmm. Of course, maybe that means nothing at all, or maybe she was hesitant to say she's partnered with a woman (she's reluctantly talked about her bisexuality before), or who knows. Also, if she really is living with Duchovny, it might not all be UFOs and roses, since he's had quite the rocky romantic past, complete with a trip to rehab for sex addiction.

But what can I say, I want to believe. Maybe we should trust no one, but THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE! And I kind of hope the truth involves the Scully/Mulder-hookup we wanted to see for nine straight seasons back in the day.

What's your call on the Gillian/David relationship -- rumor or truth?

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