‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham's Movie Role Makes Her Life Even More Chaotic

farrah abrahamThat Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is one busy lady. She's a singer (her single was just released!), a writer (her memoir was just released!), a cook (her pasta sauce was just released!), a match-maker (her dating service was just launched!), a mother (she's got a little one at home!), a TV personality (those MTV contracts don't oblige themselves!), and now, Farrah is an actress. The enterprising young woman tweeted that she's landed a role in a children's movie.

She explains:


Just got the best News of my week!!!! Hush hush Mommy Farrah is going to be in a kids movie!!!! Sophia is going to love her mommy 4ever!!:)

I'm sure Sophia will love Farrah 5ever, no matter how many movies she does or doesn't do, but that's neither here nor there at this point. What I'm worried about is how many irons Farrah's got in the fire right now, on top of the fact that she's recovering from some drug abuse and depression issues. I wonder if all this (waves arms all over the place) is a good idea for the young mother of one.

You can't be good at everything (unless you're Bo Jackson), so Farrah should pick a hobby and stick with it. She's all over the place right now, and with nothing getting her full attention, one or a few of her many, many ventures will fail. Not because of Farrah, but because of the facts of life.

Here's hoping this acting career takes off -- she seems pretty excited about it. And here's hoping she narrows her focus on it, if that's what she wants.

But pssst -- this in-a-movie thing could all be a lie. Remember when she led people to believe she was going to be in the new Charlie's Angels movie? But it really was for the TV show? And it was more like she attended an open casting call for extras, and didn't get a real part?

Yeah. Hopefully this kid's movie is a little bit more legit.

Thoughts on Farrah's varied career path?


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