'RHONY' LuAnn de Lesseps FINALLY Realizes Carole Radziwill Can't Stand Her

LuAnn de LessepsOh, it's on. The battle between Countess Luann de Lesseps and Princess Carole Radziwill has been brewing for awhile, mostly with the clueless countess bugging the hell out of Carole and us waiting for Carole to snap hard enough for LuAnn to notice.  Finally, last night on The Real Housewives of New York City, she did.

While at a dinner with most the gang, LuAnn referenced her Native Indian heritage. Carole called her out on saying that no one over the third grade still used that term. As I said in my recap of the show last night, I thought that was a bit of a snotty remark by Carole, but it was also true and pretty funny regardless. At the time LuAnn she seemed unaffected by Carole's comments, but after watching it air last night, she lashed out at Carole today.


In a statement to Celebuzz she said:

I want to say that if anyone thought that something I did on last night’s episode was offensive, I’m sorry. To insinuate that I am insensitive or racist is insulting and flat out not true.

So I agree she may not be racist, but she was most certainly offensive. Not just for her use of the word Indian, because that is debatable. As she pointed out in her statement, "The U.S. Census Bureau surveyed people of various races, asking what they liked to be called and over 49% of American Indians preferred to be called American Indian while 37% said that Native American was their preference." Point made, but I'd be willing to bet none of those people would be pleased with her scalping joke either.

As Carole wrote on her Bravo blog:

We have a shameful past with Native Americans in this country -- we nearly annihilated the native population and have a long history of negative stereotypes and discrimination toward them. Call me crazy, but I think jokes about scalping and rape and pillage are inappropriate.

Of course, LuAnn couldn't just graciously apologize and admit any wrongdoing, instead she's just reverted to her standard response to any criticism and blamed someone else. She told the site that everything she says seems to bug Carole. Ding! Ding! Ding! Maybe that's because everything she says is condescending and self-centered, dahling.

"Carole never passes up an opportunity to put me down and unfortunately this is what some people do to make themselves feel or look better," she said. Yeah, keep telling yourself that, LuAnn.

At least it's FINALLY getting through to her that Carole can't stand her. It's taken long enough, but I'm sure this is only the beginning of troubles between these two now that LuAnn has been offended. I fear, however, that LuAnn is just going to look more clueless and classless with each round as Carole is a cool, smart, and quick foe. Actually I don't fear it at all; I can't wait to see LuAnn taken down ... at least a notch or two.

Team Carole or Team LuAnn? Do you think Carole overreacted to LuAnn's comments?


Image via Bravo

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