'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell Wants You to Know She's Still Getting Married

teen momTeen Mom Catelynn Lowell has a love/hate relationship with the tabloids. She gets mad at them for stories she doesn't like, then uses them to tell her own. In this latest installment of the teen mom drams, Catelynn's eyes are just about rolling out of her head at OK magazine's story that she and fiance Tyler Baltierra called off the wedding. THEY DIDN'T, you guys. They're still planning on getting married, and Catelynn's really adamant that we all know that she and Tyler are soon to be husband and wife. That, and she really likes the abreves.


In one particularly verbose tweet, Catelynn asserts:

Idk what the hell people are talking about! The weddings not off!! me and ty barely ever augue!! But every couple argues. Ppl r dumb. The wedding is still ON!!!! Don't listen to EVERYTHING you read!!!

It's a good thing she and Ty argue; I hear it's a sign of a healthy relationship. But I digress. Back to the wedding stuff.

Glad to hear the nuptials are still a go, because if these two can't make it, nobody can. Not sure the world could handle it if CateTy and Robsten both called it quits. I mean, who would the kiddos look up to if their vampire idols and teen pregnancy idols were both to end up alone?

Catelynn and Tyler are reportedly on their way to Nashville right now for a speaking engagement at Teen Summit, as well as a little R&R. Hope they're flying down to Tennessee -- nothing like a never-ending road trip to make you wanna kill your future betrothed.



Photo via Splash News

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