'Teen Mom' Star Gary Shirley Asks President Obama to Pardon Amber Portwood

Amber PortwoodOh boy. Just when I didn't think the saga of troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood could get crazier, it did. Boy did it ever! Her boyfriend, Gary Shirley, wants Amber sprung from her five-year jail sentence.

And who, pray tell, does Gary think should come in on his white steed to rescue his fair maiden? None other than President Barack Obama himself. Come on, you know you want to know more.


I'm not sure whether Gary was drunk or just being an idiot, but the father of Amber's young daughter Leah actually took to Twitter the other day with a request for the commander in chief:

Hey @BarackObama I voted for you. Can you get Amber out of prison? Please. Well have dinner with you.

Hey, now at least he'll buy him dinner. I mean, that really is the least you can do if the president lets your lazy, drug addict girlfriend out of jail four and a half years early, isn't it? Don't answer that ...

I feel bad for Gary. He's parenting all alone right now (rumor has it we'll even see Amber give up her legal rights to Leah in an upcoming episode of Teen Mom). And the reports that Amber is depressed in prison are both not terribly surprising (ahem, it's prison, not a spa) and probably weighing on him. The fact that he sent out her prison address, asking for other people to help him cheer her up is evidence enough of that.

But let's get real for a second here. Amber not only chose prison over finishing out her rehab, but she made a long, long line of mistakes that got her there. From beating up Gary himself (in front of Leah!) to abusing drugs to driving under the influence, she's made it clear she deserves to be there.

Instead of begging for ridiculous pardons from the president, maybe Gary should be making sure Amber sits in prison and thinks long and hard about what got her there.

What do you think of this plea for a presidential pardon?


Image via MTV

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