'Bachelor Pad 3' Recap: 'Fan Boy' David Has Already Won It All

Bachelor PadThere is no doubt that Bachelor Pad has officially surpassed both The Bachelor and Bachelorette as the juiciest show in the franchise. Where Bachelor and Bachelorette have become formulaic and boring, the Pad keeps it rocking. Boobs! Brawn! Drama! Bring it!

There are so many things happening on this show that it's hard to pick one theme. We have love developing between Michael Stagliano and Rachel. We have some ridiculous drama between Ed and Reid Rosenthal, which leads to drama with Ed's partner Jaclyn. It just goes on and on.

Probably the biggest surprise of the night (and possibly of the season, too) is that David Mallet -- one of the fans and an MMA fighter -- should and hopefully will take it all home.


The fact is, most of the "regulars" on this show are complete jerks. There is Jaclyn crying over Reid and what a two faced "friend" he is, while on the first show, she openly said she was backstabbing Blakely who thinks they are friends. Hypocrite much?

The others are playing for "love." There are Kalon and Lindzi; Rachel and Michael; and Chris and Blakely/Jaime. But are they using love to win? My money is on yes for some of them.

So far, the only one with any integrity who seems really nice and also wins all the challenges is David. The cast has mostly discounted and been rude to the newbies (other than hot Donna), but not only is David talented, he is genuine and sweet and adorable.

He is like a little kid in his innocent excitement about the place, and for me, he is the one who should win it all. The rest of the house is full of clique-y mean jerks. He is sweet and happy and seems to be genuinely nice. Therefore, he should win.

My money is on him. I would so much rather see him win than anyone else.

Who do you think should win?


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