'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Accused of Battling Drug Abuse Once Again

farrah abraham book coverWith a new memoir, a food company, and even a single called "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom," Teen Mom Farrah Abraham seems to have the world at her fingertips. But it may all be a facade, according to a "friend," Austin Mathouser, who told Radar Online Farrah has a secret drug problem.

Austin says that on a recent trip to L.A., Farrah told him that she has a "current prescription pills cocktail of choice" that includes Adderall, Xanax, and alcohol. He claims, "All throughout dinner and the club, she talked about how she does Xanax and Adderall to stay up and energized. She frequented the bathroom that whole night taking them to stay up." What the ... ?!


According to Mathouser, Farrah got "sloppy drunk" on top of all of those pills. And he went on to reveal that not only does she use these prescription drugs to stay awake when she's out partying, but she uses them to deal with her busy schedule, always doing "Adderall before every event that she attends." So frightening!

Farrah does have a past history of drug abuse -- in the wake of the death of baby Sophia's dad, she would "drown her emotions" with marijuana and cocaine -- and even an attempted suicide. But that was back in 2008 and in her upcoming memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended, she claims she realized she couldn't cover up the negative emotions with drugs, and she stopped using -- something you would hope is the honest to goodness truth.

With the book hitting shelves soon, I wouldn't be surprised if Mathouser was trying to capitalize on Farrah's current success by resurrecting the MTV star's demons. And how many times has a "friend" of a reality star come forward to express their concerns about drug abuse? And it's usually just a lame attempt to score their own fifteen minutes of fame ...

But if there is even a grain of truth to his claims, we can only hope Farrah gets the help she needs. Her promising post-Teen Mom life and the well-being of little Sophia depends on it.

Do you buy this "friend's" claims?


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