Kris Jenner Tweets Major Cleavage & Makes People Cringe

Kris Jenner Well, well, it looks like Kris Jenner got a little wild out on the town this weekend. She's was out with her daughter Khloe Kardashian and friend Nicole Richie, and the next thing you know, her boobs were all over the Internet.

Someone sent out a picture of her posing with major cleavage via her Twitter handle with the clever message, "Twitter or Titter." There were plenty of other pictures being sent out from the apparently beverage-filled night, but the cleavage one quickly had people chiming in with disdain for the famous momager.


Things like, "Your (sic) a mother! This is inappropriate!!!" from @saharfairy. And "That's gross," from @sof01. There are PLENTY more where those came from too.

I'm not typically Jenner's biggest fan -- especially when she's running around with her ex-boyfriend Todd Waterman --  but in this case I think people need to back off. She likely got hacked by Khloe, and it's not like she was with another man or doing anything all that illicit. Instead she was having fun with her daughter and a friend, and acting crazy. Who care? I hope that my daughter wants me to hang out with her and her friends once in awhile when she's that age. 

Too often it seems Jenner is focused on the bottom line and pimping out her family, barely pausing for anything that doesn't make a buck. I don't think she was thinking about that when these pictures were snapped; I think she was just having fun and enjoying their company. If she did it all the time, that would be one thing, but one wild night out with the girls is nothing to crucify her over.

And can we please not act like the bodies of older women are disgusting and can't possibly be sexy? Jenner looks pretty damn good I'd say. Just because she has six kids doesn't mean she can't get wild once in awhile. Will she regret it? Perhaps. She very well may be cringing herself (and still nursing a nasty hangover?), but at least she showed she's not all business for once.

Do you think Kris Jenner's pictures were inappropriate or they just showed her fun side?


Image via Twitter

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