'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Snooki & Jionni Show They're Going to Be Good Parents

Snooki & JionniI had my doubts along with everyone else when Snooki first announced she was pregnant, but since then she has continuously proven along the way that she's up for the job. Tonight on Snooki & JWOWW, we saw that her fiance Jionni LaValle is too. In fact, I think together they're going to make a great set of parents to little Lorenzo.

First and foremost, they seem to have a good relationship. They love each other and have fun together. While he usually seems a little nervous and maybe a tad uptight, tonight we saw him let loose and get into the drag queen show. Lord knows Snooki needs a guy who doesn't take himself (or anything) too seriously. He takes Roger's ribbing, and he truly seems like a sweet guy ... if not a slightly delusional one.


When Roger was trying to tell Jionni how much his life is going to change once the baby arrives, he was all sorts of confident that it will be no big deal since he has three siblings with babies and knows what he's doing. Yeah, right. And the fact that they're going to live with the baby in his parents' basement is a terrible move with so many potential problems it makes my head swim.

So they are definitely in for a wake-up call in many ways, but they seem strong enough as a team to manage just fine. It was so cute to see how proud he was to bring out his baby pictures and see them fawn all over them. They both also seem to have loving families willing to support them, which is helpful too.

Oh they're still going to make us cringe with some of their, uh, eccentricities, like Snooki choosing to wear heels, fake eyelashes, and makeup during delivery. And she'll still probably have a desire to paint penises on walls. But for the most part, when it comes to the things that really matter, I think they're going to step up and do a stellar job as parents.

Do you think Snooki & Jionni are going to make good parents?


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