'RHONJ' Caroline Manzo's Crankiness Is Out of Control (VIDEO)

Caroline ManzoWhen it was announced that Caroline Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey might be getting her own talk show, I thought I would be one of the few who thought this was the worst idea ever. I always thought people loved her and her straight-talking ways, but it turns out plenty of people are as sick of her as I am. As for Caroline, well, she just seems to be sick of everyone and everything, and it's not winning her any fans.

Her crankiness is of big concern to her friends and family, as she's repeatedly seen telling the world to f*ck off. In a video for Bravo, her kids and fellow cast mates talked about the issue, calling her "The Angry Red Bird." Check it out after the jump.


That's a lot anger, and she looks more like a bulldog than a bird to me, but she needs to control that rage. It's just not healthy. Is it due to  menopause? At her age, it's possible for sure, but I know a lot of older women and they're not all like that, so it's not really a good excuse. 

Maybe it's empty nest syndrome. Maybe she's over the whole Real Housewives thing. That would be understandable, and I'd eagerly wish her a fond and swift farewell. I don't know, but she's certainly not a very pleasant person as of late, and it's no fun to watch.

A wise person once told me that if you're going to be grumpy you at least have to be funny to pull it off, otherwise you're just a b*tch. Since Caroline isn't funny, well ... where does that leave her? Nowhere I want to be watching.

Why do you think Caroline is so cranky?


Image via Bravo

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