Emily Maynard May Have Slept With Arie in the Fantasy Suite Before Getting Engaged to Jef

emily maynardAs Bachelorette Emily Maynard rode off into the sunset with Jef Holm, did you happen to catch Arie Luyendyk chasing after their car yelling, "You just slept with me!" No? Well, that may be because the show's producers allegedly cut that bit out.

Us Weekly is reporting that Arie and Emily slept together before she made her final decision -- and he was outraged that she picked Jef anyway. But-but-but, didn't Emily say she wouldn't do the fantasy suite with anyone because she's "a mother and a role model"? Didn't we see Arie driving away? How could they have slept together?

So many questions. But if Emily did do the deed with Arie, I can totally see why.


I wouldn't be at all surprised if the rumor is true. You bet Emily would have been able to find a way to kick Arie's tires before deciding which car to claim. She was probably just dying to sleep with him. Because -- hello, the chemistry! And they didn't even have to do it in the "fantasy suite." There are many, many beds in America. Hell, you don't even need a bed.

But Emily has a squeaky-clean image she's trying to create and Jef Holm fits with that image so much better. Nice Mormon boy from Utah, running a business that delivers water to thirsty people in Africa? He's perfect! And "reining in their passions" just makes the two more virtuous and irresistible. It's like Emily took a page out of the Twlight books: Chastity is the new sexy. She had to pick him.

She also had to sleep with Arie. It was her last chance for a fling with a super-sexy stud before committing to her future husband. Call it a bachelorette party for two. What's that saying -- Why buy the cow if the milk is free? If Arie though sleeping with Emily would win her hand he obviously wasn't paying attention to the game Emily was playing.

Do you believe the rumor that Emily slept with Arie before choosing Jef?


Image via ABC

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