'RHOBH' Brandi Glanville Makes Big Sexy Party Foul

Brandi GlanvilleOh that Brandi Glanville, she's a fine girl ... for shocking the designer pants off the other prissy Housewives. The latest move from the bad girl of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is pretty bad indeed ...  if it's true.

Apparently at a recent party at the home of straight-laced Kyle Richards, Brandi went to use the restroom. Only she didn't go alone. Sources told Radar Online that she was in there with a guy, and they were getting it on.


The "show insider" said:

Brandi was in the bathroom with a guy having sex when the girls [her co-stars] caught her. They couldn't believe that she was doing that and they were all stunned when they found her.

I can just see them all out there with their ears pressed to the door and their mouths hanging open. I bet Kyle was hysterical that it was happening in HER bathroom, and you know she'll never use it again. In fact, she just might have to move.

Brandi doesn't deny they were in there, but via Twitter said no sex was had. "No sex in a bathroom, but yes a hot steamy kiss and we have been dating ever since. #TRUTH". No word on who the guy is or what exactly her definition of sex is, but details aside, it still sounds ripe for a dramatic reaction from the other ladies.

The best part of the whole illicit deal is that Bravo was apparently there and caught the whole thing on tape. Well, at least what could be seen outside the bathroom door. If true -- and knowing Brandi it certainly isn't that out of the realm of possibilities -- that's going to make for one steamy episode.

Actually this whole next season is looking packed with drama. Between Kim Richards' possible relapse, Adrienne Maloof's split from her husband, and Taylor Armstrong and her pile of issues after her husband's suicide, there certainly will be no shortage of dramatic story lines. At least Brandi bangin' some guy in the bathroom would lighten things up, no?

Are you excited for the next season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?


Image via Bravo

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