New 'Glee' Spoilers Hint at a Very Fashionable Future for Kurt

glee kurtGleeks, are you ready for more spoilers about the upcoming fourth season? Celebuzz is spilling, big time -- and you'll never guess who looks to be playing a huge role in the series! Let's just say it's going to be a very fashionable season on Glee.

I'm trying to coin some clever new Glee-fashion mash-up type word here and it's just getting ugly: Glashion! Styglee! (The "g" is silent.) Haute Directions! Never mind! The point is, the already very stylish Glee is going to get some major Fashion Fairy Godmother action, and it's going to be so much fun.


First of all, you may have heard that Sarah Jessica Parker will guest star in at least one episode. Ryan Murphy says that Vogue chief Anna Wintour herself will be helping with SJP's wardrobe. OMG, La Wintour herself, the dominatrix of style, waving her magic wand over SJP, I cannot wait! (I think I mixed up my fairy tales just now.)

Have you ever seen a supposed fashionista character strut out in some god-awful Hollywood cartoonish version of "fashion"? I'm guessing that for once in our blessed lives this will not be the case. I hope Anna pulls out some sizzling numbers from her best, best friends. Mwa mwa.

But that's not all -- Celebuzz cryptically says, "Kurt is about to find himself in his personal Shangri-La. Apparently, Murphy says will put a smile on his face. That's so Devil Wears Prada of him." OMG -- so will Kurt be working for Vogue? Will he be an intern? A blogger? Or does this just mean we'll see a photo of Kurt on with a smile photoshopped onto his face. Nooo -- not the last one, that's too anticlimactic. But I'm betting on fashion blogger.

Well shucks, Ryan Murphy. You didn't have to give us this big, fancy, fabulous Vogue/Glee present. (Vlee! Glogue! Forget it.) But thank you. I am so looking forward to enjoying it this season.

What do you think of Vogue and Anna Wintour's involvement in Glee Season 4?


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