'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Drug & Suicide Revelation Was Inevitable

My Teenage Dream EndedI will say this about Farrah Abraham. The Teen Mom star is brave with a capital B to talk about suicide and drug addiction.

The shocking revelations that Abraham made this week while doing press for her soon-to-be-released memoir My Teenage Dream Ended could get her in serious trouble -- or at the very least mark her as the screw-up reality star Farrah has been very adamant she doesn't want to be. But the 21-year-old might have just made the most powerful point to come out of the MTV reality series since it began airing in 2009.

So what'd she say?


Farrah, who faced the sudden death of boyfriend Derek Underwood shortly after giving birth to daughter Sophia told In Touch that she spiraled into cocaine and marijuana use during her time on the show to escape her pain. Suicide topped Farrah's thoughts -- she even described the letter she thought of writing to her little girl, a letter that included references to the major changes in Farrah's life that she was unable to come to terms with.

It's a different Farrah from the fun-focused party girl content to leave her child with her mom so she could go meet guys that we saw when Teen Mom first hit TV. It's honest. It's real.

Isn't that why this show was made in the first place? To show that teen parenthood is overwhelming and scary, and America needs to answer it with a two-fold response: prevent kids from getting pregnant in the first place, and support those who do end up there. We spend all this time ripping these kids to shreds, but we forget they're already doing it themselves ... it's largely unnecessary.

It's true, we've seen co-star Amber Portwood's downward spiral into drugs. We've heard about Amber's suicide attempt. Her five-year prison sentence should be a wake-up call.

But Farrah is one of the moms who is actually getting it right. She's straightened out her life. She's finished school, working, raising her daughter. From the outside, she doesn't seem like teen pregnancy was that hard on her -- at least not by comparison.

Taking the facade off might not be the easiest thing for her. The question of how child protective services might take Farrah's confessions is an obvious one already being asked, but I can't help respecting her more for taking the risk.

What do you think of Farrah deciding to come clean about her drug abuse?


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