Emily Maynard's 'Girl Next Door' Look Is a Refreshing Change (PHOTOS)

Emily Maynard  Now that The Bachelorette is over (sniffle) and the cameras have stopped rolling, it seems that Emily Maynard is returning to her roots by opting for a more laid-back, girl next door style.

Emily is currently in Ghana, Africa with Jef Holm's company, People Water, and they are visiting wells that provide clean drinking water to people who truly need it. And while she definitely isn't expected to show up in a third world country wearing a couture dress and stilettos, she does look much different than the glammed-up mom we saw during her season of The Bachelorette. She looks, well -- like a regular mom, (albeit a very pretty one) which is definitely not a bad thing.


Seeing her go from resembling an A-list Hollywood star to a dressed-down southern girl in cut-offs and boots just makes me like her even more. Throughout her season, I said Emily was the real deal, and that she was doing the show for the right reasons. And judging from this trip she's on where there isn't one ounce of glitz or glamour -- it looks like I was right.

Here is another photo of Emily and Jef with friends on the trip.

Emily Maynard & Jef Holm

Her "makeunder" really makes her look so much more natural and happy. (And being in love doesn't hurt as far as giving her a glow either.)

Do you think Emily looks better with an everyday look like this, or more formal like she did on the show?


Images via Twitter

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