'Bachelor Pad 3' Recap: 5 Hottest Hook-Ups So Far

Bachelor PadWhoa Bachelor Pad! Things are heating up on this season already and it's a good one. The added tension of the "fans" sure is helping to get things moving. It's a great twist.

The challenge this time was amusing -- Rhythmic Gymnastics, seriously? -- but even more interesting are the various love triangles and attractions that are developing. Between Jaime, Blakely, Sarah, Ed, Rachel, Donna, and on and on, it's quite the drama camp. I mean that in the best way, too.

It's hard to find one part that is the most appealing, but there is no doubt that this show is 20 times better than The Bachelor from which it spun.


The fact is, you put a group of incredibly hot, single women and incredibly hot, single men together, it's going to be a sexy situation.

So far, we have a variety of hook-ups. We have:

  • Lindzi and Kalon: How could she POSSIBLY like this guy? He is such a pompous ass. But whatever. She's a naive country girl and she probably likes that she thinks he is all fancy. Meanwhile he is using her as his way to get certain people voted off. Genius. Sad for her, though.
  • Sarah and Ed: This was successful until about five hours after they had sex (what was up with that pickle comment?) when Sarah decided to turn on Ed. Soon after, she regretted it, but if there is one thing we all learned from Gillian's season of The Bachelor, it was this: Ed can't be trusted. Neither can Sarah. It's a match!
  • Rachel and Michael: This is a cute one and one I think actually has some real potential. Funny, I never noticed how cute Michael was before. He's too short for me, but he is definitely a keeper!
  • Donna and Michael: This is more like stalker (Donna) and stalkee (Michael). I seriously cannot BELIEVE they let this girl on the show. She is scary obsessed with Michael.
  • Chris and Blakely: This hook-up was just gross. It's never pleasant to see two people kissing juxtaposed with him saying how crazy she is. I feel bad for Blakely. I don't understand why everyone hates her so much and there is no doubt she is hot. Chris isn't nearly as good looking as she is. Take that!

Which hook-up do you think could last?


Image via ABC

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