'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Sonja Morgan Meets Her Match

Sonja MorganSassy, sexpot Sonja Morgan was in over her head tonight on The Real Housewives of New York City. Always quick with a sexual innuendo and one to strut her sexy self, Aviva Drescher thought Sonja might just be a great match for her dirty ol' dad, George.

Horn dog George was a character to say the least. Filthy rich and just plain filthy, he was oozing sex from every pore of his Viagra-filed body. At first Sonja was intrigued by his charm, money, and real estate -- perhaps even a bit jealous when he was flirting with Carole Radziwill. Speaking of which, Mario Singer's reaction when George told Carole he'd give her a squirting orgasm was the best moment of the night, hands down.

But as Sonja spent more time with George and his hands on her ass and his erection poking her backside as well, she started back away ... far away.


He tried every which way to get her to have sex with him, even promising it would be the kinkiest experience of her life, but Sonja just wasn't into it. She told the cameras, “I’m no prude, but that George might be too much for me." And that's saying a lot.

Good for him if he's really still got game like that at his age, but he was a bit much ... in the most entertaining sort of way. In the end Sonja concluded that she'd like to see him again IF there were 500 or so other people around. Can't say I blame her, but I hope it's not the last we see of George.

Meanwhile Aviva was finding Ramona too much to take as well. While vacationing in Miami, Aviva got a full dose of the real Ramona, and she wasn't entirely impressed. From her weird obsession with Aviva getting her prosthetic leg wet to her telling everyone what it was okay to talk about and what wasn't, Aviva had total Ramona overload.

Of course she was too polite to say anything, and Ramona was oblivious, but Aviva did bring it up to Sonja. Sonja, who has had the same conversation with countless others who encounter Ramona and her overbearing ways, advised her to speak up and tell Ramona when she's out of line. Yeah, we'll see how well that goes.

What did you think of Aviva Drescher's dad, George?


Image via Bravo

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