'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout & Kyle King's 'Official' Reunion Had to Be for Show

kyle king maci bookoutIt's official! After weeks of posting mushy Instagram photos and tweeting up a flirtatious storm, Maci Bookout and Kyle King confirmed that they're indeed back together. No, we're not talkin' submitting some kind of statement to People or Us Weekly. The couple made their renewed "BF/GF" status official in the customary Teen Mom way ... via Twitter!

As Wetpaint reported, Maci tweeted, Maci tweeted, "hey @kyleking100 ... ur perfect for me." Cue collective: Awww!! Then, Kyle responded, "@MaciBookoutMTV hey be my gf?:-)" and Maci replied with loving emoji emoticons, including a thumbs-up and clapping hands. Oh, modern love!

That's adorable and all, but I really do hope this "epic reunion" was just for show ...


Not saying I hope they're staging actually getting back together! What I mean is that I hope Kyle actually asked Maci to be his girlfriend again offline first, and they just "re-enacted" the moment via tweets for the fans. Because getting back together with an ex -- or making a commitment to be in a relationship with anyone for the first or fiftieth time! -- should play out over tweet, text, email, Gchat, or any other form of technology where you're not staring directly at a person's face.

Not only does it leave room for miscommunication -- something that is way too common when you're kicking off a new (or rebooted) relationship -- but it's just one of those things that bears too much significance to be done in such an impersonal way. Call me old-school, but no matter how frequently we tweet or text, those forms of communication will never be the same as talking in person -- or at the very least, calling someone.

Hopefully it's not just wishful thinking, but I'm 99 percent sure Kyle would have asked Maci to get back together before he sent that tweet. In fact, I'd bet these two have been back together for a while now, and the tweets were a cute attempt to go public while enthralling their followers. They may be a regular young couple from Tennessee, but they're also reality stars ... who've made a name for themselves by turning their lives into entertainment.

Do you agree that making a relationship official is something that should happen face-to-face?

Image via Twitter

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