'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Who Cares Whose Recipe It Is!

Melissa Gorga and Teresa GiudiceYou could almost hear the echoes of "Kumbaya" tonight as The Real Housewives of New Jersey began their big camping/glamping trip in Napa Valley. It was all love, peace, and penises being flashed, with nary a fight in sight.

After Hurricane Irene majorly messed up their travel plans, they finally hit California and took Camping World by storm. There they bought thousands and thousands of dollars of camping gear that they had no idea how to use for their big camping trip ... in the parking lot.

While the surroundings were far from scenic, they actually had a lot of fun, and it was nice to see everyone getting along. There were a couple of little incidents that were precariously perched on the edge of full-blown drama, but they actually resolved themselves ... at least on the surface.


The primary one being that Teresa was still pissed that at her cookbook signing Kathy Wakile pointed out two recipes that were her own mother's. Teresa just couldn't let this go and had to confront her and tell that no they were HER mother's recipes.

Honestly, who cares? They're relatives; relatives share recipes. Kathy wasn't being mean when she pointed it out, nor was she demanding Teresa give credit to her mother. So Teresa even bringing it up again was just asking to stir the pot and made her look ridiculously defensive.

The second close call happened when Teresa and Melissa Gorga took a walk on the beach in their pajamas. Despite the therapist's warning, they so far had been getting along famously on the trip, feeling each other's boobs, and having a grand old time. Then things got a little serious. Teresa, of course, still wasn't over the whole Kathy thing, so she had to tell Melissa about it, attempting to get Melissa on her side. 

Instead of just agreeing with Teresa, however, Melissa bravely told Teresa that she may really need to look at her own actions since she seems to have problems with everyone. "You need to sit back and say, 'What am I doing wrong? Why am I having an issue with everyone? Maybe it's me? Maybe I'm doing something wrong?'"

Then I braced for the big fight to come as Teresa lashed back ...

Only she didn't. They actually had a nice, mature discussion about things. There was even hopeful talk of mending fences with Caroline Manzo on the trip. Like I said -- totally Kumbaya stuff here.

Of course it probably won't last. I definitely think that we just saw the calm before the huge storm that's coming -- and I don't mean Irene. Maybe I'm wrong and camping works some kind of strange healing on this crew, but I think with three days still to go on this trip, the odds are that something or someone is going to blow.

Do you think Teresa is overreacting to Kathy's comments about her recipes? Do you think camping is going to continue to go this well for the group?


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