Maci Bookout's 'I Hate Myself' Tweet Shows 'Teen Moms' Should Quit Twitter

Maci BookoutMaxi Bookout is the darling of Teen Mom. No one would deny she is a great mom to her son Bentley. She adores him and spends a lot of time with him making good parenting decisions and being responsible. But she, like all the girls on Teen Mom, needs to get herself off Twitter.

Earlier this week, an innocent tweet she sent about being late was blown out of proportion and turned into a big deal by one blog. In it, she said: “I actually hate myself right now...... warped tour I’m cominggg." Not surprisingly it was all: OMG. Why does Maci hate herself? Oh no!

Um, maybe she just is upset she's running late? Could it be far less dramatic? The fact is, these girls are real girls living their lives, but because they are on a show, people care.


When Jenelle tweets about her boyfriend (Kieffer OR Gary) or he tweets about her, it's big news. Their back and forth wars make for great blog fodder and gossip for reporters on a deadline. When Leah Messer flirts on Twitter with her ex, one starts to wonder. Maybe they should be less public about it all.

In fact, maybe the answer is all very simple: GET OFF TWITTER. Seriously. Social media has its place and we all love it for what it can do for us. But sometimes it's best to just put down the computer and read a book or see a friend or do anything else in the world.

The level to which people dissect every tweet these girls send is insane. Twitter, in general, is dangerous for celebrities because the impact is immediate and huge. Facebook can feel a little more private if you want it to be, whereas with Twitter, every word you say is dissected by 700,000 followers.

It's easy to say that these girls should maybe just cool the drama (hello Jenelle!), but it isn't always them who start the fights. People LOVE to goad celebrities on Twitter. What could be more fun than a Twitter war?

It's juicy, it's loud, and it's SO easy to let happen. I say stop the madness. Step away from the tweets. Maci, Jenelle, and Leah, you will be SO much happier.

Do you think Twitter is bad for these girls?


Image via MTV

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