Irresistible NeNe Leakes Turns 'Glee' Success Into a New Breakout Role (VIDEO)

nene leakesHow much does Glee creator Ryan Murphy love NeNe Leakes? Enough to cast her in a second role! NeNe will be stepping up to a bigger part in The New Normal, Murphy's new show premiering this fall.

Turns out Murphy finds NeNe utterly irresistible. She says Murphy was a big fan of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and "had an obsession with me." But wow -- scripted television. Can she pull that off?

Please. Would Murphy set up his lady love up for failure? He's made this role just for her.


Just going by the preview, it looks like NeNe is playing a bad-ass executive assistant named Rocky who works for Bryan Buckley, a gay man trying to have a baby through a surrogate mother. Check out Rocky casually showing off her diamond watch ... purchased by her boss without his permission. Bling-hungry and brazen, that's so NeNe.

The New Normal is going to be a heart-melting but hilarious reinvention of the family drama. Comedy. Dramedy. We've already seen another gay family in Modern Family, so this isn't brand-new territory. But I think Ryan Murphy's spin on the idea -- not to mention the title of the show -- is going to take the idea of non-traditional families to a whole new level.

And I love that NeNe is a part of it. She's just what the show needs -- she and Ellen Barkin keep it from getting too sweet and precious. I cannot wait to see this show. NeNe + Ryan Murphy 4EVA!


What do you think of NeNe's latest role?


Image via NBC

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