Emily Maynard's Engagement Dress Gave Us Another Reason to Be Jealous (VIDEO)


Emily Maynard

Her proposal was so sweet and genuine, but Emily Maynard's engagement dress was just as applause-worthy as Jef Holm's romantic words for her. OMG. How have we not discussed this amazing gown yet? The Jean Fares Couture dress was absolutely fit for a princess -- and Emily admits that's exactly how she felt while wearing it.

She also told InStyle, "As soon as I tried on the peach Jean Fares gown, I knew it was perfect because it was ladylike with the little bit of edge I love."


Of course, not all of us are exactly fortunate enough to be able to pick out the perfect attire for when we get engaged. For one thing, the moment is usually a surprise, so I guess technically it could happen while you're wearing ripped jeans and a t-shirt. But for the majority of us, proposals happen on special occasions, so there's a good chance that you'll at least look somewhat presentable.

And let me tell you, it really does make a huge difference and add to the excitement of the moment when you're looking and feeling your best. My husband and I got engaged on our one-year anniversary, and I had the most beautiful dress picked out for the occasion. (Not that I knew I was getting engaged that night.)

It was this flowy, pastel blue dress from Ann Taylor with a few flowers on the front, and I had specifically chosen it for our anniversary dinner at Commander's Palace in Las Vegas because I knew how much my husband loved me in blue. But then he had to go and outdo my fancy dress by putting an engagement ring on my finger and I forgot all about the frock. (Gah!)

Luckily for Emily, the whole thing was captured on video, so there's absolutely zero chance of her ever forgetting about her perfect dress. To catch another glimpse of it, check out this video clip.

Do you remember what you were wearing when you got engaged?


Image via ABC

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