Famous Bachelor Bullies Breastfeeding Mom & Humiliates Her Publicly

breastfeeding debateIf I could create a list of people who shouldn't enter the breastfeeding in public debate, Miami Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison would be high, indeed. Despite this, inexplicably, this baseball player took it upon himself not only to tweet that he didn't like seeing a woman breastfeeding in public, but to TAKE HER PHOTO and tweet it to his fans.

There really are no words for how invasive and wrong this is. As a mom who breastfed two children exclusively, I am well aware of the fact that when a baby needs to eat, he/she needs to eat.

I am also aware of the fact that baseball fields are full of advertisements that use sexy women to sell products. So it's OK then, but not OK when it's sustenance?

Here is what he said via Twitter:


Hey @Nordstrom nothing makes me want to spend $$ like seeing women breastfeeding in your store...

The tweet has since been deleted, largely because many people came down hard on him for his incredibly callous use of social media. "I have nothing against breastfeeding," he claims. But the damage is done.

What on Earth gives this man who has probably never breastfed an infant (OK, DEFINITELY not) the right to comment on a person who was just minding her own business? Even worse, he tweeted a photo of her. It wasn't bad enough that he expressed an ignorant opinion. He had to publicly scorn her as well? He has 118,000 followers!

Here are a few things Morrison needs to know:

  • Babies get hungry.
  • When babies get hungry, they need to eat.
  • Breast milk is the healthiest, best nourishment for a child.
  • Screaming children aren't popular in malls.
  • Screaming babies who are hungry need to be fed.
  • Not all moms can use cover-ups.

Do I need to go on? The fact is, Morrison has no idea what it's like to be a breastfeeding mom. When you have a new baby, the priority is getting that baby fed. It isn't possibly discomfiting a spoiled sports "star" at the mall. Boo-hoo Morrison. Look the other way.

My guess is if this boob had been attached to a Playboy centerfold, he would have had no problem happily staring. As it is, he looks like a voyeuristic freak. Who takes photos of breastfeeding moms? He is entitled to his opinion, sure. But using his position to bully a new mom is just unacceptable.

Stick to baseball, dude.

Does breastfeeding in public offend you?


Image via Yiie/Flickr

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