'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Liar, Liar Jenni's Pants Are on Fire

JWOWWJust when it seemed like this week's episode of Snooki & JWOWW was going to be all about Snooki and the stick up her pregnant ass that Jenni thinks she should remove so she can shake said ass, in came a bombshell in the final minutes. Roger called Jenni and was beyond angry.

I thought it had to do with that creepy dude wanting to buy the girls drinks the night before, that somehow that had gotten back to him and he thought Jenni cheated on him. He kept accusing her of lying. "All you ever do is lie to me," he told her.

She seemed to have no idea what he was talking about, and I started to feel sorry for her, thinking he was crazy. Then it became clear that there was no need to feel sorry for her -- she's just a pretty darn good liar


Apparently it was a lawsuit he was upset about. He didn't say what it was about, just that he heard about it all over the radio. (It was likely the one from her former landlord who didn't like her letting cameras into his property.) I truly believed she had no idea what he was talking about until she admitted -- just to the camera -- that she was lying.

"I lie about stupid shit all the time," she said. "I look at it like stupid lies and big lies. I feel like this is a stupid lie that he’s taking way too far."

Wow, I thought JWOWW and Roger were beyond all that. Apparently not, and she doesn't seem to have much intention of changing. "Trust is the most important thing to Roger, and not lying. So he f*cked up in dating me."

Or maybe you f*cked up and could try to change? I was just starting to really like Jenni, but this isn't cool. There's no room for lying in a solid, mature relationship, and I'm glad to see Roger take her to task for it. And this was such a weird thing to lie about. Why not confide in him about something like this? 

We know they're still going strong and just celebrated two years together, so they obviously worked through this one. But If she doesn't change her ways, her lies really could do their relationship in for good at some point.

Of course, I suppose they had to throw some legit drama into the mix, because watching Snooki pick up dog poop while volunteering at the pet store just wasn't going cut it.

Were you shocked to see Jenni lie so blatantly?


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