Alexis Bellino Should Quit 'RHOOC' Because She's Too Easy to Bully

alexis bellino reunionRumor has it Alexis Bellino may not return for another season on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Jesus Jugs, we hardly knew thee! (The name, not the person.) When I first heard that Bravo might cut Alexis, I was disappointed. She provided so much comic relief. Why let her go?

Her husband, Jim Bellino, is actually hoping she won't return. "I don’t want her to do it anymore," he told Wetpaint. "I absolutely do not want her on the show." And once I thought about it, I have to agree. Alexis shouldn't return to RHOC. It's clearly not good for her or her family. But she's also not so good for the show, either.


Jim hated the way the girls bullied Alexis in Costa Rica. "It rips my heart out ... It was hard to watch." Even The Stir's own Julie Ryan Evans thought the ladies went too far. I think Alexis has to take some responsibility for the way her cast members treated her. But yeah, it was kind of extreme.

But I think Alexis should go because she's become too easy a target. Watching everyone take pot shots at the same Housewife week after week -- that's just going to get boring! People love to hate her, but reality TV should not be that predictable. We want some surprises.

And yeah, maybe reality TV fans kind of get off on the cruelty and the fighting. A little? But there is a line. No one wants to watch the ladies pick at her bones like a flock of vultures. Alexis has too few redeeming qualities and attracts too much negativity even for RHOC. If she really wants to "save" us all, she shouldn't return to the show next season.

Do you think Alexis Bellino should return to RHOC?


Image via Bravo

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