Emily Maynard’s Sexy See-Through Dress Is Shocking in a Good Way

emily maynard jef holmThat whole dressing-like-a-housewife thing lasted, what, like a day? We all thought Emily Maynard was going to stay in the conservative fashion lane since her engagement to Jef Holm, but oh boy, were we ever wrong. Emily and Jef (Emef? Jemily? Too soon?) were in New York this week celebrating Jef's birthday and hellooooo sheer dress. Emily wore a very short, very see-through black number to their dinner date and showed the world, for the first time, that she can wear something other than long pastel dresses and bathing suit sarongs.

Thank god.


I was worried there for a second that she was going to hide under clothing cover forever, using Ricki as an excuse to repress her sexy side, but dayum. That's not the case at all. Emily looks hot in this outfit and I think it's awesome that she's being a little risque with her style choices.

Because frankly, I was getting a little tired of those floor-length prom dresses she wore on the show. They were so blaaaah. They seemed to just push her down. From the beading to the layers and layers of fabric, her gowns seemed to weigh more than she does. Her fashion on the show was so soulless, it didn't have any personality whatsoever.

But this outfit? It has charisma.

The woman is 26 years old for crying out loud -- a black mini see-through dress is a great choice for her fiance's hip birthday party. Regardless of parental status. Kudos, my friend, kudos.

What do you think of Emily's little black dress?


Photo via Splash News

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