Sarah Palin Says Bristol's Show Is 'More Real' Than 'Teen Mom'

Bristol PalinSarah Palin isn't known for being especially smart. She often makes gaffes that make intellectuals cringe and speaks on subjects about which she has no knowledge. It seems MTV's Teen Mom is one of those things.

Hasn't Palin ever heard the old expression: "If you've never seen a show, don't try to talk about it like you have?" OK, so that MAY not be the adage, but it IS true.

The governor turned VP candidate turned reality star was defending her daughter's show Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp and, in doing so, she insulted MTV's Teen Mom. For no reason.

Read her comments below:


Haters are going to hate. I think it’s clever. [The show is] absolutely real and I’m proud of the girls. Her show today I think is very positive, it’s very realistic in terms of showing what single motherhood really is. It’s not like the Teen Mom  -- partyin’, woo-hoo! -- fun, glamorizing single motherhood.

Never mind the fact that Teen Mom in no way glamorizes teen pregnancy unless you consider constant battles, tears, and struggles to be "glamorous." If anything, Bristol herself makes being a teen mom look glamorous. Here she has a six-figure show deal, a stint on Dancing With the Stars, and fame. Who wouldn't want that?

Still, I don't believe that either. Bristol's life is far from ideal, and if I were 16, it wouldn't make me want to be a mom any more than MTV would.

Regardless, it's insane to give a scathing review of something you have (clearly) not seen. If Bristol shows how hard teen motherhood is, so too do the girls on Teen Mom. Why does one have to be wrong for the other to be right?

In Sarah Palin's entertainment world, it's always a competition. Someone has to be wrong. It's hog wash and silly.

Bristol shows how hard it is. The Teen Mom moms show how hard it is. We can all be right at the same time. Gasp!

Do you think Sarah's comments are silly?


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