'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard's Wedding Plans Could Ruin Her Relationship

Emily and JeffIf you think about it, The Bachelorette is just a supped up version of speed dating. Emily Maynard was given 25 gorgeous guys all supposedly ready to wed and become instant fathers.

Every time she has even a two-minute conversation with a guy, he's desperate to prove he's her perfect match. All the while the sweet-as-pie single mom is picking them off like a sniper at target practice until she finally decides on THE ONE. This season the last man standing was Jef Holm, and as they've made the rounds on TV interviews, it's clear they are an incredibly cute couple.

It's too bad there are already signs that their made-for-TV romance is doomed.


The reason? The duo don't plan to get married any time soon.

Now, waiting is the smart, rational thing to do in most normal relationships. But anyone who has watched The Bachelor or Bachelorette before knows that time is never on the side of these picture-perfect lovers. A wedding is the perfect way to keep that romantic momentum going. They have just come off a whirlwind of the most over-the-top, uber-sexy dates imaginable. Nothing kills that flame quicker than real life -- school drop-offs, grocery shopping, fixing the toilet. What could be more exciting than going right into planning their million-dollar wedding (funded and filmed by ABC, of course).

That said, they are ultimately doing the right thing by waiting. But don't be fooled -- they are not delaying a walk down the aisle. They are delaying an inevitable split. It happens almost every time these couple decide on a long engagement. No one has the same persona on cameras as they do off. And when they get a whiff of what the other half is really like, well, the rose quickly loses its bloom.

Do you think Emily and Jef will last?

Image via ABC

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