'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard Is Already Dressing Like a Housewife

Emily Maynard & Jef HolmBachelorette Emily Maynard must be thrilled to finally be able to shout her love for fiance Jef Holm from the rooftops now that the final rose ceremony is officially over and she has that whopper-of-an-engagement ring on her finger.

And even though she and Jef only went public with their relationship a few days ago, it looks as though she's already making subtle changes to show just how serious she is about the man who made millions of women across America believe that knights in shining armor (or in his case, knights with really big hair) do exist. And from the looks of this simple (yet pretty) dress she wore for their appearance on Live! With Kelly, it appears as though Emily is dialing back her style a bit to fit with her new man's gentlemanly vibe. (Aww!)


It's no secret that Emily has a pretty rockin' body, and for some of her other TV appearances, like Jimmy Kimmel Live, for example, she's been seen wearing super-short dresses that are fitted and hug her curves in all the right places.

But this dress really covers her up and makes her look a lot more "housewifey" -- proving that she's 100 percent serious about settling down and starting a new life with Jef. And while I'm sure Jef finds Emily to be about the sexiest woman he's ever laid eyes on, something tells me he probably prefers when she wears more subdued looks like this versus the skin-tight numbers. He really seems like a pretty old-fashioned guy, and this particular look of Emily's really seems to go with his personal style much better.

And honestly, Emily is so drop-dead-gorgeous (don't even try and argue with me on that one) she could probably step out in a mu-mu and still look perfectly beautiful. Taking things down a notch definitely isn't going to make her any less fashionable, that's for sure.

Have you ever altered your style for a man?


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