'Life's a Tripp' Recap: Bristol Palin Proves She's the Worst Girlfriend Ever

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Bristol Palin is just unlucky in love. But while it was easy to blame her first failed romance on the sleazy Levi Johnston, this time she looks like the bad guy.

On the latest episode of Life's a Tripp, she takes a road trip with her son and boyfriend Gino to visit sister Willow in Arizona. From the moment they arrive, it's clear Bristol has lost that lovin' feeling.


Rolling her eyes at just about everything the guy does, she tells Willow, "I don't trust him." Apparently Gino has "done stuff," she says. I assume that means he cheated with other girls. Bristol also admits she hasn't exactly been an angel in their relationship either. From there, things go downhill and fast.

As they all drive to the Grand Canyon, the feisty teen mom is annoyed at just about everything Gino says and does -- including the way he chews -- and she kicks him out of the car at a gas station along the highway. He's left to fend for himself with no means to transportation and eventually books a flight and calls a cab.

Now, he may be a bad boyfriend and unworthy of her love. That is for her ultimately to decide. But you don't abandon someone in the middle of nowhere. That is just not cool. Especially over something as trivial as him getting on your nerves. That's a real BITCHY move, Bristol.

The saddest part of the whole drama though was how it affected Tripp. As she tossed Gino from the car, the little guy was begging for her to let Gino, who he calls daddy, stay. "I'll find you a good daddy," she says. But Tripp shouts back, "I don't want a good daddy." My heart just broke for him. Gino too. Left shocked and alone, he cries thinking about what a breakup will do to the toddler: "I am going to miss Tripp. I feel like he's my own kid. Nothing I can do because he's not my kid."

It's unclear whether Bristol and Gino are done for good. For the first time since the show started, I am actually excited to see what happens next week.

Do you think Bristol was wrong for abandoning Gino in the middle of nowhere?


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