'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska Shares Her Biggest Regret About the Show

Chelsea HouskaIf there's one thing that sets Chelsea Houska apart from the other stars of MTV's Teen Mom, it's the lack of scandal in her life. The mom from South Dakota doesn't make the tabloids much, certainly not as often as co-star Jenelle Evans.

So when Chelsea told The Stir she's actually more confident about her decision to be on the reality show now than she was three years ago, I wasn't terribly surprised. What did throw me? Chelsea confessed the one (and only) thing that worries her about being on Teen Mom 2.


One day she'll have to explain to daughter Aubree why the little girl's dad wasn't a very nice guy.

"With Adam being a jerk, that's going to be a hard conversation," Chelsea told The Stir this week.

Honestly, she took the words right out of most viewers' mouths. The drama with Adam Lind has been a common thread running throughout Chelsea's segments of Teen Mom 2. Their on-again off-again relationship is hard for anyone to fathom, not least her always-present, uber-menschy, supportive father, Randy, who has told his daughter in no uncertain terms that she can do better.

"I feel bad for her that she isn't going to have that relationship that I have with my dad," Chelsea says. "That's why I try so hard, I have to love her for both parents."

Her voice gets sad when she talks about it, but there is good news. There's no more on-again/off-again. Adam is gone. Period.

"We are NOT together," Chelsea said very firmly. She admits there will be some "Adam drama" as she calls it in the next season of Teen Mom 2, the stuff that she worries about showing Aubree but says can't be avoided.

"He's always going to be there," she said with a slight sigh. "He's her dad."

As for custody? "Well, that comes up in the next season, so I don't know if I can talk about it. He sees her occasionally. Fortunately Adam's parents are really good."

But it's the fact that Adam isn't around that makes Chelsea relatable to her fans, and it's a point she wants to make to the people who bash teen moms. Although she's quick to say she wouldn't advocate becoming a teen mom, she thinks the bad rap is a little unfair. She's a young single mom, and she's making it work. Aubree is happy and healthy -- in fact, she just finished potty training, and she is becoming even more of a social butterfly now that she's in daycare.

"I feel like an older parent doing drugs, it's not such a big deal. Well, it is a big deal, but it isn't treated like it's as much of a big deal as if a young parent is doing drugs," she explains. "There can be bad young parents and bad old parents. There can be good young parents and good old parents."

Chelsea offers herself up as proof of being a good mom. "I love my daughter," she says. "I wouldn't do anything to hurt her. I want to be a good role model for her."

As for the other, scandal-plagued Teen Moms, Chelsea chooses her words carefully. "I don't always agree with what some of the other girls do, but I think it's good that they show the good and the bad. It's real. They show what's real," she says.

But it's the "bad" that seems to grab all the attention, and the headlines. Asked how she keeps the paparazzi at bay, Chelsea laughs. "I don't do anything interesting! I go to school, I pick Aubree up from daycare!"

Anything, by the way, includes dating. If you read that she's got a boyfriend, don't believe it, because Chelsea doesn't have time. Halfway through school for cosmetology, she spends Tuesday through Saturday in class, and the rest of the time she's with Aubree.

"I don't even know where I'd find time to date," Chelsea admitted. "I don't want her to think that I'm leaving her to go be with this guy. At the same point, I do want to find a guy some day."

Just don't expect it to cause an on-screen ruckus when she does. Chelsea doesn't have a single regret about her own behavior onscreen, and she feels confident that Aubree will watch and see that her mom loves her. And she's planning to keep it that way.

What do you think of Chelsea's worry? Any ideas for her on how to handle it?


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