'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Needs to Put a Lock on Her New Online Diary

Jenelle EvansJust when you wondered what the world wasn't missing, Jenelle Evans has announced she's starting a blog! The Teen Mom 2 star promised in her first post that we'll soon be able to get a peek at her diary online in a place where she'll "pour out" emotions when she's upset and "vent."

Wait. The girl who takes to Twitter to tell us when she sneezes is actually holding stuff back? Where does she keep it all?


I will full admit to grabbing a bowl of popcorn and watching the Jenelle drama unfold on Twitter on a boring afternoon. We all have that Facebook friend who we keep solely for the entertainment value, right? This is the same thing. Only it's public. EVERYONE in the whole darn world gets to see it.

Just today alone, Evans has shared video of boyfriend Kieffer Delp singing in the shower. She has shared that she takes sleeping pills, including the exact name of the drug she takes. Then there's her YouTube channel. Her Facebook. Her Stickam. This girl is the queen of oversharing!

Can you imagine how much more personal information would come out on Jenelle's blog, where she isn't constrained by the 140-character limit?

Oversharing of this type might amuse the rest of us, but it's the type of guilty pleasure we'd be fine letting go of if it improved someone else's life. I can't help thinking most people who watch Teen Mom would like these girls to straighten out and fly right, if not for their own sakes, then for their child's. But it's hard to be on the straight and narrow when you're always plagued by scandal.

And as much as she likes to point her fingers at the tabloids, Jenelle forgets some of her worst scandals came out because she put them out there! Remember her engagement that lasted a total of few weeks? Not only did she share the photographic evidence of her ring, but we got to see the whole relationship devolve, right online.

We all need a place to rant and let out our emotions, but maybe it's time for Jenelle to find a nice therapist who isn't allowed to talk to the media. Or at least make a true diary and lock it away so no one else can see it. It may be her best shot at emotional health. Not to mention Jace's best shot at a normal life.

What do you make of the amount of private information Jenelle Evans is so willing to share?


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