Kate Gosselin's New Reality TV Show Has Disaster Written All Over It (VIDEO)

Kate GosselinOh, for the love of Pete. In what has to be the most ridiculous piece of celeb mom news we've heard in a while -- Kate Gosselin is trying to find a network to air a new reality TV dating show that she's planning on starring in. And while there aren't too many details as to how this disaster of a show will play out, it sounds like it will be centered around Kate traveling around the country looking for a man. (It's ok to laugh out loud.)

And while sources claim 37-year-old Kate is at a point in her life where she's ready to find true love and start over -- we're not stupid, and we all know what's really going on here.


In a nutshell, Kate is totally over being a coupon blogger and can't stand the fact that her days in the spotlight are over for good. She misses the cameras (and probably the cameramen too). She misses the paparazzi following her every move (because she's one of the few "celebs" who loves being plastered all over the front of the tabloids). And she misses the perks that go along with being a fairly famous reality TV star (like being recognized at the grocery store and getting into theme parks for free).

It's almost like Kate has no idea what to do with herself since her TLC show was cancelled, and now she's pulling out all the stops to regain her D-list status as quickly as possible so she can stop living like the rest of us "regular" folk.

But honestly, I'm not sure the world can handle another Kate Gosselin reality show -- and I'm not sure she will get the warm welcome she's probably expecting if this thing does make it on the air. (Real life isn't all that bad, Kate. Just give it a little bit longer and I promise you'll get used to being ordinary like the rest of us.)

You can hear more about Kate's new venture in this video clip.

Would you watch another reality show starring Kate Gosselin?


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