'Teen Mom' Recap: Ryan AND Maci Need to Man Up

Teen Mom MaciThis season of Teen Mom is proving to be the most interesting so far. Unlike many other reality shows, it feels like Catelynn, Maci, Farrah, and Amber are growing up before our eyes.

Some (like Amber) are continuing to struggle, to make bad choices, and to keep getting in trouble. But others, like Farrah, are thriving. We get the unique privilege of watching them grow from confused teens to confident young women and mothers.

Catelynn always touched me, but her desire to become a pregnancy counselor and reach out to girls like her is so admirable and beautiful. She really IS using her platform to make a difference and that is highly commendable. Still, as these women grow and change and become better, the dads also do.


Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant are famous for bad dads. Sure, there are good dads sprinkled throughout, but for the most part, the "dads" on the show waver between mediocre and downright deadbeat. Ryan, Maci's baby daddy, has been no different.

He has been vilified and hated and, for the most part, rightfully so. It took him much longer to be a good dad. But now Bentley is 2 years old and Ryan is finally stepping up to the plate and being a good papa. That seems to make Maci nervous.

Oh, I know the haters will say he is only doing it because his parents want him to, etc., but it really doesn't matter what people think. It's obvious how much he loves his son. Sure, he makes some irresponsible decisions, but so does Maci. Letting her son get attached to Kyle and then breaking up with him seems pretty bad as well and Maci has done that twice.

No one is perfect. But Ryan is trying. He loves his son. He might want 50/50 custody. He should get it. Even if I personally don't agree with his view on pre-school, he is Bentley's dad. He deserves a say.

The fact is, so many moms are determined to do it their way and to control everything. This alienates dads. To her credit, Maci tries to involved Ryan but she tries to do it her way.

She made the decision to have a child with this man/boy. I feel for her. But that doesn't mean I think she should make all the decisions.

The "best interest" of Bentley is to have an engaged and loving father who feels like he gets some say, too. That means some sacrifice for Maci. It sucks, but it's what happens when you have a baby out of wedlock. Bentley loves his daddy and Maci wouldn't be a good mom if she didn't allow for that.

Do you think Ryan should pursue custody?


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