'Bachelor Pad 3' Recap: Blakely Is Not Even the Most Pathetic Person on This Show

Bachelor PadAh, Bachelor Pad, the perfect ABC show to go along with sticky, hot summer nights. Few shows can make you feel both dirty and hot at the same time, but this one will do it. And now it's back. This season even has some twists.

There are "super fans" on the show. As someone who has seen almost every episode of The Bachelor and Bachelorette, I suppose I have no room to judge, but seriously. Those super fans are weird.

Who gets EXCITED by seeing Chris Harrison? And honestly, any scenario in which Bachelor cast-offs are the A group is one that is going to be a train wreck. Yep, that's it. Train wreck, indeed. But who can look away?


There are twins! There are catty bitches! There are rich people from "the Houston social scene" (Erica Rose and Kalon)!

Generally this looks to be pretty similar to past seasons. Erica Rose is back for my incredibly obnoxious, spoiled comments (though I admittedly love her and her honesty). Blakely is back and, like Gwen before her, is the oldest in the house (at 34) and is getting called old, ugly, and decrepit. Oh yay.

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The biggest twist so far was that the super fans won the first competition, which means those awful twins who really are incredibly obnoxious may actually stay a little longer.

The show is such a mix of public humiliation and drunken orgy. As bad as the super fans are -- "this is where Emily had her carousel date!" -- the old-timers are far worse.

I am the same age as Blakely and I can't even imagine acting the way she does. At this point in my life, I have been with my husband more than a decade, earned a Bachelors and Masters, had two children, and moved along in my career. Meanwhile, she is still busting in on guys she has crushes on and crying to women who make fun of her behind her back.

Oh.My.God. What a mess her life is. So sad. But so much fun to watch.

What about Erica Rose and Michael Stagliano? Why can't they actually find lives outside of this show. It's just one gigantic shit show, which makes it fantastic, natch.

Tonight, one of the newbies (Paige) went home. It was disappointing (for me), but also kind of expected. Oh well. Onward.

My current fave is Reid Rosenthal because, um, he's super hot. Next to him I like Ed because he is hilarious. Overall, this season is going to be so much fun to watch.

Bring it Season 3!

Do you think it's a good set-up for this season?


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