'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: The REAL Reason for the Gorga-Giudice Feud Revealed

Joe GorgaNapa Valley, here comes Jersey. This week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was mostly a bunch of build-up to the event of the season -- the big trip to Napa, aka the trip from hell just waiting to happen. Mostly, however, it just made me hungry.

From Teresa Giudice's recipes at her book signing, which Kathy Wakile pointed out are mostly her own mother's recipes (a "cheap, passive-aggressive shot," according to Teresa), to Kathy's own sweet creations, holy cannoli there was a flurry of sugar and gooey goodness that left me craving an all-night pastry shop. Of course, mixed in with all of the sweetness were some sour grapes as well. When Teresa went to Kathy's event, she just couldn't resist the digs. To the cameras, she said, "I don't want to compare my book signings to her Gelotti event, but my daughters have posters like that when they have a lemonade stand."


She just can't be nice. She even had to diss Bethenny Frankel, saying her new Fabellini won't taste "diet-y" like Frankel's Skinnygirl line. Poor Jacqueline Laurita can't seem to make the break from Teresa's pull on her though. After a little help from Teresa's friend/soldier, Linda, Teresa approached Jacqueline and told her that she was glad she was still invited to Napa, which sent Jacqueline into another emotional tizzy and gave her hope for their friendship once again. She was so frazzled this episode, she even had to order a Screaming Orgasm at a business lunch, even though she had no idea what one is.

Then came the big men's pre-Napa meeting, which was just so macho of them as they had big vats of some kind of food in the middle of them. While it was mostly a bunch of banter and smack talk, one major piece of information did come out of the whole thing -- the real reason Juicy Joe is pissed at Joe Gorga and has been for years. It's because he borrowed some of his tools and didn't give them back. Seriously. That's supposedly the spark that started this whole war between the two Joes ... at least in Juicy Joe's mind at that minute. Oh, and pretty much everyone at the table owes their success to him too. Talk about a tool.

In the end, the whole meeting did nothing to pave the way to a calmer, happier Napa trip. Chris Laurita said, "I'm concerned that it's going to go back to the same old bullshit, which is going to be fighting and drama, and that's not what this trip is all about." Oh silly Chris, of course it is.

Best moment of the episode: When Teresa and Joe were at the winery, and she said she'd been researching "ingredientses." The expert there then corrected her and said calmly, "It's ingredients." Ha!

What do you think is going to go down in Napa?


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