Snooki & Newt Gingrich Talk Strippers & Make Television Magic Happen (VIDEO)

snooki newtVenus in transit across the sun. The "ring of fire" solar eclipse of 2012. And now this: Snooki chatting with Newt Gingrich about strippers on TV. As if the planets had aligned to create the most disharmonious music in the universe!

Or the most beautiful, depending on how you feel about Snooki and Newt.

I'll leave it to you to decide who eclipsed whom. I'm just delighted that it happened at all. A meeting of the minds! Let's listen in on this incredible summit Jay Leno arranged, shall we?


It's just so perfect. Newt is pretty much the Snooki of politics: Outsized personality, disreputable, sleazy -- and yet disarmingly charming in person. He graciously congratulated Snooki on her New York Times bestseller and she said, "Thank you, I'm trying to be like you."

Bwa ha ha! Newt demurred, but we all know he was flattered.

Then Snooki disclosed to Leno that she's letting Jionni have strippers at his bachelor party. "Yeah, the guys should have strippers. He's going to be married to the same girl for the rest of his life, so, you know, enjoy it. I trust him." And then, of course, she politely turned to Newt and asked him, "Did you have strippers?"

Um, that's a no -- although maybe Snooki should have asked, "Did you have strippers at any of your weddings" plural. And oh yeah, when Newt marries, it's not for the rest of his life. So, you know, trust schmust. Of course, Newt did add, "I feel now in some ways my life has been deprived."

No, Newt. Somehow I don't think you've been deprived of much during your adult life. But thanks for playing! Anyway, this sort of Tee Vee magic doesn't happen every night, so you really should watch.

Do you think Snooki and Newt have much in common?


Image via NBC

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