'Bachelor' Ben & Courtney Are Making a Mistake by Skipping 'After the Final Rose'

ben and courtneyI think I speak for everyone in the entire world when I say that I'm excited for Sunday night's Bachelorette live After the Final Rose show. I wasn't that into this season because I found Emily more boring than, say, changing my sheets, or emptying the dishwasher, or any other task ever. But! I'm thrilled to see how it all wraps up. And I was going to say that I'm looking forward to a lovey-dovey Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson reunion on the show -- you know how they always bring back past success stories -- but rumor has it that these two won't be on hand for the taping.


They're saying that Ben has to "work", that he's "traveling the country" tasting "wine", but I have my own theory. I think they're scared.

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Ben and Courtney aren't really fan favorites. If you were them, would you like to go back into the lion's den? Didn't think so. I can't blame them for bailing on the After the Rose show, but I have to wonder if fear (and yeah, whatever, Ben's work) isn't the only thing keeping them off the stage.

I have a feeling that these two are one of those couples who thinks it's them against the world. You know some couples like this. Your friend starts dating a guy you don't really like, she prioritizes him over you, and the next thing you know they're doing everything together, alone, while you're out doing your own thing, then they break up, and your friend wants to be friends again, but you feel like she totally dissed you for this douchebag, and now she's left with no one, and so is he.

People who choose their significant others over EVERYTHING else to a fault, I'm talking extreme cases here, are worse off for it. I'd bet that Courtney and Ben are together if only because they can't be apart because no one likes them anymore. The more they, or any couple, isolate themselves from the outside world, the more toxic and, inevitably, the more acrimonious the relationship becomes.

It's too bad Ben and Courtney won't be there to tell us all about their happy lives, but if Ben's gotta hovel with Courtney in the basement work, he's gotta work.

Why do you think Ben and Courtney will miss the After the Final Rose?


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