Former 'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky Is Lying to Her Fans

ali fedotowskyAli Fedotowsky loves her new life. Her engagement to Roberto Martinez ended in a nasty split, but the reality star says she got her happy ending after all. "I'm so much happier," she said during a sitdown with Talk Stoop.

The reason? Well, the former Bachelor and Bachelorette star has a sweet new gig traveling the world as a correspondent for NBC's 1st Look. She swears she didn't intend for her search for love to turn into a TV career -- it was just a lucky accident. Yea right! She must think her fans are fools.


After 20 combined seasons of those dating shows, one thing is clear: you don't sign on to find The One. You do it to get your 15 minutes of fame. "No, I really didn't. I loved Facebook, I loved Silicon Valley, and I didn't really think I'd be good enough to do a TV show, at the time," Ali insisted. "So I went on to find someone, and I didn't."

Come on, girl. Everyone knows the real prize on The Bachelorette is getting on-air gig, throngs of fans, and living the high-life whether you land your dream man or not. Love is never the goal. If it were, you wouldn't waste your time going on a show that hardly ever nets a lasting match. In all these years only a few romances have actually survived. So do your fans a favor and just admit it -- a few dates with a bunch of cheesy guys and buckets of crocodile tears are a fair trade for a cushy TV gig.

Do you think Ali really did The Bachelorette to find true love?


Image via ABC

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