'Teen Mom' Stars Might Be Selfish, But They Have an Excuse (What's Yours?)

Rosie PopeRosie Pope comes off as so normal on her Bravo show Pregnant in Heels that I sometimes wonder if we can really call her a "reality star." Isn't that a term we use for televised train wrecks? You know, like some of the girls over on MTV's Teen Mom?

But now the word is out that Rosie wouldn't mind showing her face on TV's OTHER popular parenting reality show. Now THAT would get parents' attention, wouldn't it? Some MUCH NEEDED attention? Heads up, moms and dads, you're about to get some learning maternity concierge style.


Pope, whose show wrapped this week with her giving birth to her third child, daughter Vivienne, is used to telling mothers (and fathers) exactly what they're doing wrong. Any surprise she sees a LOT wrong over on MTV? In typical Rosie, pull no punches, make parents listen fashion, Pope told OK! exactly what she thinks about the young moms:

I want to go on Teen Mom and whip them into shape ... You brought them into this world, and they are born and are completely helpless, and they need us to do everything for them. They’re these amazing miracles, and parents have a huge, huge affect on what happens to that child -- on their happiness and their well-being. If you can’t put that child first, that’s a terrible, terrible thing, because you will affect their lives negatively. No child deserves that.

Her words apply more to the actions of certain stars than others. Moms like Maci Bookout and Chelsea Houska are rarely seen without their kids while the scandal-plagued Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood fall on the screw-up end of the spectrum. If anyone could use a Rosie Pope intervention, it's a mom who picks a pitbull over her son (ahem, Jenelle!).

But face it: Pope's words go way beyond the Teen Mom realm. A few weeks ago she featured a couple on her own show who hired her to help them make their baby more "flexible" so they could continue their fabulous, road tripping on weekends, hitting wineries all the time lifestyle. These weren't teenagers. They were adults who forgot one of the big keys of being a parent: they need us, not the other way around.

It's good for parents to get some me time. It makes us better parents. But if you're still trying to live your pre-baby lifestyle WITH a baby, you might want to consider this: do you really want to be "just like a Teen Mom star"?

In the words of Rosie: "You have to grow up. There’s no room for being a kid anymore.”

What growing up did you do after you had a baby?


Image via Rosie Pope

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