'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout & Kyle King's Romantic Reunion Might Be Totally Toxic

maci bookout kyle kingMaci Bookout must not mind stirring the pot when it comes to all the buzz surrounding her love life. While the final season of Teen Mom airs on MTV, featuring the demise of Maci's relationship with ex Kyle King, Maci posted on Twitter yesterday, "we're bad for each, but we aint good for anyone else." Uh-huh ... Gotta love when celebs tweet vague messages that they obviously want us to read into!

There's almost no doubt in most fans' minds that Maci's talking about Kyle. As in the guy she appears to be spending every waking moment with these days, despite their breakup this past winter. The guy she's been engaging in heavy public flirtation with on Twitter this summer. Yeah, that guy. So, it turns out she really thinks they're "bad for each" other?!


But at the same time, she thinks they "ain't good for anyone else." Rrright. Now that's a healthy reason to be with someone! Yeesh, Maci!

What she appears to be doing is perfectly understandable. Gravitating back to an ex is so natural for so many reasons. Maybe they shower us with flirtation and attention we wouldn't get elsewhere or otherwise. And/or it just feels safe and comfortable to be with someone you're accustomed to. But if you suspect the relationship is toxic trouble at its core, you gotta cut the cord!

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But hey, there's a chance Maci was just kidding around ... Though it wouldn't be a stretch to guess that they really do have a dysfunctional relationship -- or at least communication issues, say -- given that they've already broken up once before. And if that's the case, and they really are bad for one another, they definitely should halt this cozy reunion they seem to have goin' on. If only because little Bentley doesn't need his mama to be in a screwed-up relationship!

Do you think Maci's tweet proves these two should move on or move forward?


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