‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Rant About Her Ex Just Makes Her Look Bitter

jenelle evansThe romantic drama is never ending for Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. Three weeks after she and ex-fiance Gary Head were arrested after getting into a physical fight, they are still taking swings at each other. This time, however, it's words.

You see, after the brawl, Gary went on a Twitter rant:

She f***ing begged me to marry her so she could get the benefits & live for free. F*** I look like. Engaged is ok. It’s a test but marriage? Nah...I'm so glad I said no. She wanted to go to the courthouse and get married a week before we went to jail.


Of course she didn't like that one bit. She lashed back during an interview with Starcasm.net saying, "If I begged him to marry me, why didn't I want him back when he begged my best friend the other day? He isn't husband material, far from it. He needs to first learn to keep his hands off ladies."

She's right! The guy definitely needs to grow up. Actually, they both do. But Jenelle broke the most basic rule: Be the first to claim you did the dumping. That's something we learn in junior high. If your ex beats you to the punch, you just end up looking like you are trying to save face. She should have just ignored his ridiculous rant. Unfortunately Jenelle's retort sounds too much like sour grapes.

Rumor has it, she's already moved on to a new man -- or rather back on an old one. She may be rekindling a romance with ex Kieffer Delp. Isn't she tired of all this relationship drama? Perhaps she should lay off the dating for awhile and focus on raising her 3-year-old son Jace.

Who do you believe -- Jenelle or Gary?


Image via MTV

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