'Life's a Tripp' Recap: Willow Palin's Wicked Ways Save Sister Bristol's Show

bristol and willow

Willow Palin's wrath continues this week. She is the meanest, most bitter teen on TV, and for the life of me, I can't figure out why. It's not like she's the single mom with the seedy, Playgirl posing, deadbeat ex. But I'm not complaining. Honestly, they should seriously consider renaming the show Willow Palin: Life's a Bitch. She brings a heck of a lot more drama than her more famous big sister Bristol.


This week, Willow is considering moving to Arizona to go to "hair school." Of course her wannabe boyfriend Andy is heartbroken and she could care less. It's almost as though she delights at his torment. "I'm getting a career going. You're working at an auto shop," she sneers.

She later says, shrugging off his hurt feelings, "Life will be fine without Andy. It's going to be a lot harder for him than for me." Is her heart as icy as the Alaskan tundra or what? But wait, it gets worse. When they go to a nice restaurant and Andy is confused by the fancy menu, she lays into how stupid he is. He in turn calls her "a bitch." Well, it's as though he drove the nail into his own coffin with that jibe. Willow walks outs.

Though she gets a bit of a reality check while visiting cosmetology school. "Even though I want to be a hairdresser, I never liked playing with hair," she says. WHAAAATTT? Talk about not thinking things through. "This is gonna be harder than I thought it was gonna be. What am I getting myself into?" she says. 

But it's hard to imagine her working with clientele. Who wants a stylist who is cold, rude, and mean. Even mom Sarah Palin tells Willow, "You need to learn to be more patient, polite, and gracious."

Ultimately, she does decide to head to a year-long program in Phoenix and I'm afraid what this means for the show. Willow was the only thing I looked forward to seeing on Life's a Tripp.

For her part, Bristol is focusing on proving that there's life after Levi Johnston. She, boyfriend Gino, and her son Tripp are like a cute, ready-made family. They talk marriage, family, commitment, blah, blah, blah. It's heartwarming to see, if not exactly entertaining.

More WICKED WILLOW please!

Who do you prefer watching -- Willow or Bristol?


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