'The Situation' Refuses to Leave 'Jersey Shore' Even Though the Party's Over

Mike The SituationNow that Jersey Shore has wrapped up filming in Seaside Heights for the last time, we can't help but wonder what is going to happen to the crew now that their fist pumping days have come to an end. While some may score their own spin-off reality TV shows, Mike Sorrentino has another plan entirely on how to continue to capitalize on every ounce of fame he earned as an MTV star.

Get this one -- The Situation is planning on opening a line of "GTL" salons -- as in a one-stop shop where you can work out, tan, and get your laundry done. So now when he & the rest of the boys look at each other and say, "GTL, baby!" -- it will actually be literal. (God help us.)


According to In Touch, Mike plans on opening "GTL" locations in New Jersey and Miami, and branching out from there if he's a success.

That's right -- he's determined to squeeze every last ounce of fame and recognition he can get out of his wild & crazy antics in the world of reality TV. But honestly, I guess this really shouldn't come as any sort of a shock. When you're famous simply because you get rip roaring drunk, hook up with a bunch of random chicks, and ultimately land yourself in rehab, it's not like your resume looks incredibly appealing to potential employers.

And I guess once you're The Situation, you really just can't stand the thought of being anything else but The Situation. So I guess, in some strange way, Mike is actually smarter than we thought in using his signature catch phrase to make sure no one ever forgets him. (C'mon, you know you'll stop into a GTL location to check it out just for the sake of saying you've ventured into one.)

Do you think The Situation's fame will fade quickly now that Jersey Shore is over?


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